SLIMLINE has developed an exclusive new tank with a flat end - the SLIMLINE SQUARED. You can ask for Slimline Squared in all our larger tanks at no extra cost and have the most MODERN LOOK for your house or development. The Modern Squared end allows greater diameter pipes which link water storage to create a more effective water flow. This makes the SLIMLINE SQUARED ideal for sites with multiple tanks. Only available through Slimline. Click on link below for details.

SLIMLINE SQUARED END full details and technical specifications



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The original SLIMLINE RAINWATER TANK - unsurpassed quality, guaranteed.

Which company has been making tanks for over 30 years? Slimline invented the slimline shape. Best quality with NO FAILURES in all that time.

We call it 'fashion with purpose' …Slimline Rainwater Tanks look great and come in a range of genuine Colorbond finishes and in a huge range of sizes that will suit your water storage needs, exactly!

In addition you can now choose the EXCLUSIVE Squared end, designed for a modern look for modern houses. Engineers love it too for linking tanks with fittings up to 225mm.

But don't be distracted by our good looks, Slimline Rainwater Tanks are tanks of substance too, they're…

  • Tough: Constructed using BlueScopeŽ Steel
  • Safe: AquaplateŽ lined for drinking quality & safety
  • AS 4020 Meets the requirements of AS 4020 :Safe for drinking
  • Durable: Stainless Steel internal fittings
  • Certified: Fire Rated, Council Approved & Engineer Certified
  • Guaranteed: 20 years BlueScopeŽ Warranty PLUS Slimline's own 5 years Construction Warranty
  • Better Backed: 25 years manufacturing experience, and
  • Great Service: Manufactured & delivered by a reliable team, who love what they do!

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